My physical appearance and stats:

Age: 24

Height: 5’9" (and all legs!)

Weight: 125 lbs

Bust: 34B"

Waist: 24"

Hips: 34"

Dress Size: 0-2

Feet Size: Long and slender 9

Body Type: Athletic body

Pubic Hair: Waxed (but this can be changed at request)

Tattoos: None

Piercings: Ears only

Drinker: Social (see my favorites list)

Smoker: Cigar lover, socially

Bisexual: Very! I have dated many women in my personal life. I’ve also dated men and women who simultaneously dated each other. As you can tell, I love threesomes and have a lot of experience with them, including being a unicorn for couples.


Drinks: Starbucks, bloody mary, moscato, whiskey, mimosas, some red wines

Food: I love to try new foods and I am very adventurous, outside of my allergy to shellfish and peanuts.

Books: Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, The Ethical Slut, A Walk to Remember,

TV: Dollhouse, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Outlander, Lost Girl

Movies: Secretary, Wonder Woman,

Music: Classical and instrumental (classical piano & cello mainly, The Piano guys, 2Cellos, Yo-Yo MA, and many more), Lindsay Sterling, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Halestorm, Beach Boys, Celtic Women, Christina Perri, and so many more Country, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and other gene songs. My IPOD is truly like playing Russian roulette, you never know what you will get (even Disney and Musicals).

Interests: motorcycles, cars & trucks, history, outdoors, musicals, operas, movies, theater, music and singing, traveling - countries new cultures.

Activities & Hobbies: Reading, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, shooting range, rock climbing, yoga, hiking, visiting national parks, modeling & photography, visiting museums, magic cards, camping, board games, card games, video games, animal rescue and training, cuddle and give hugs.

Where were you raised?

I'm originally from Georgia (yes… a Georgia peach)!

How would you describe your body and personality?

I am an extroverted, enthusiastic exhibitionist who is always smiling! I’m athletic, drama free, love to take care of my body, and, like every other woman, love being pampered. I love spa-days, hair, nails, etc. I strive to maintain a textbook appearance of "beautiful and classy.” Honesty is vital to any of my relationships. I am kind, honest, and, most of all, I love to listen! I love meeting people, am loyal to a fault, and am very active, driven, and love to stay busy.

What other career interests did you have before working at the Kit Kat?

I worked in nursing, childbirth education, lactation counciling, midwifery and being a doula, emergency medical services, web-camming, and as an exotic dancer. As I was considering future opportunities, I weighed business education and bio-medical engineering; after finding out about the ranches, I chose to focus on business, and here I am!

How did you find out about the ranch and what made you decide to go there?

With an extensive background in sex, sex education, web-camming, exotic dancing, and more, I found myself eager to explore the one option I had not yet explored: Being an escort. What better way to test everything I had learned in my life than to find out if I could get paid doing it for real? I looked for a legal, safe option and did my research. After comparing numerous opportunities, Dennis Hof’s Ranches stood out as the best choice by far, so I sent in a resume and was accepted that day. I flew out shortly after and fell in love with the Kit Kat Ranch! I plan on staying for years to come.

What sort of experience do you have?

I found myself in the BDSM community and was trained by some of the best to become a lifestyle switch. I have taught many people and classes on how to squirt and perform deep throating, anal, and fisting. I am a Japanese rope bondage teacher and enthusiast. I have performed, taught, and tied all over the east coast. I am a master of seduction with and without rope. I am experienced with first time lovers and enjoy exploring both girlfriend experiences and BDSM situations. I strive to maintain a judgment-free zone so we may experiment with whatever comes to mind. If you want to learn more about yourself and sex, I will teach you how to have better sex and overcome possible insecurities. Outside of the bedroom, I have gained skills from working in emergency rooms, intensive care units, hospices, on ambulances, and labor and delivery. I have years of experience in the medical field, including nursing and emergency medical services.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m engaged in several charities such as: LGBT centers, homeless shelters, and children’s orphanages. I raise funds, collect clothing, furniture, children’s items, and make annual road trips to Mexico. We fill an entire full-size mover's truck to bring all these items to children in need.

Do you kiss?

Yes! I love kissing. Kissing can be very sensual and is a core part of the girlfriend experience. It is a way to connect and build intimacy; however, good oral hygiene is a requirement. As for styles, I typically do not like a lot of tongue or messy kissing, but on rare occasions it can be enjoyable.

Would I be allowed to reciprocate the pleasure?

Absolutely! I will talk you through exactly what I enjoy and teach you how to make me squirt as well. You may be nervous at first, but that is okay. With a little practice, you will be a professional in no time!

Who would I most like a two girl party with?

with Alice, Harley, Collette, Amelia and so many other girls.

Are you willing to see individuals with disabilities?

Yes! I have a lot of experience in the medical field which can assist. If you have mobility limitations, we can find ways to accommodate. I can bring in additional girls for assistance if we need to transfer you from a mobility device to the bed. If you’re concerned that “not everything works down there,” don’t be worried. There are countless ways to enjoy each other’s time and company without relying on just one possibility!

What if I am a virgin or not very experienced?

Everyone has to start somewhere. I can show you the ropes (quite literally, if you wish!). I am happy to take control and guide you along, or you can explore how you wish without any judgment. There is no better choice to welcoming intimacy into your life than to do so in the good hands of a professional!

Who is your ideal client and what parties do you like?

My preferred clients are open minded, respectful, easy going. I adore someone who can stimulate me with good conversation as well as be a gentleman. I get along with those who like to laugh and have fun, but also be sexual and sensual. I always appreciate a well-groomed and hygiene-conscious individual. Good oral hygiene, a trimmed or shaved beard, and well groomed hair are very attractive; grooming or trimming down below can enhance our enjoyment as well.

Do you see older gentlemen, women, or couples?

I love to play with guys, girls, and couples alike. The more the merrier! In fact, I am a true expert with threesomes. I have been in polyamorous relationships with men and women at the same time for many years. One year, my entire list of sexual encounters was composed of threesomes and foursomes! I have dated more women than men as I am truly pansexual and am attracted to peoples' energy. I have been known to be a “unicorn” more than once.

What type of parties do you prefer?

I prefer intimate, extended, overnight, and adventurous dates. They offer opportunities to increase our personal connection on a different level than shorter appointments. Don’t get me wrong — quickies can be exhilarating, so don't count them out! I have been a companion for a myriad of functions ranging from sport events and ballets to business events and operas. I love wining, dining, and whiskey sampling.

Are you kink or BDSM-friendly?

I am one of the most experienced BDSM and kink providers available at any of the ranches in Nevada. It is something that I greatly enjoy and has become a significant part of who I am. I am an international presenter, often traveling around the country to various events to share my knowledge and learn from others. Trust me when I tell you there is no better choice than seeing me if you are looking for an unforgettable kink experience.

What are your safety standards?

As a legal, licensed courtesan, I visit the doctor weekly for STI testing. This testing is extensive, and I am not permitted to work until the results come back negative. I have never had a positive test result in my life due to my strict adherence to safe sex practices. Condoms are required for ALL activities.

What do I need to bring with me when I visit you?

I supply everything we will need for our time together. You only need to bring your wallet and a valid form of ID.

What makes brothels different than seeing an independent provider?

Choosing services from a legal brothel has many advantages over seeing an independent provider. Besides saving you from any legal repercussions, our environment is much safer because we are able to openly discuss what we offer and do not have to be covert about any of our services. Providers are tested weekly for STIs and we are required to use condoms. Spending the night is a stress-free opportunity to experience your wildest desires without worrying if you will be arrested, attacked, robbed, infected, or cheated. Furthermore, because you are working with women who choose to seek legal options as well, you can be confident you are supporting our respectable ambitions rather than funding drug habits or other illicit activity. It’s a win for everyone!

When and where are you available?

I am available exclusively at Kit Kat Ranch. You can view my tour dates below. While at Kit Kat, I am here from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm in the lineup or the bar, but you can arrange an appointment with me 24/7 by placing a deposit (customarily 10% of your anticipated budget) at 775-246-9975.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, it’s best to email me first to check my availability for your requested date and time, and then call the Ranch at (775) 246-9975 to book it. A deposit is required at this time, and the general rule of thumb is 10% of the amount you’d like to spend on our experience. A deposit guarantees your preferred time and day in my schedule so I can spend the morning getting ready just for you. At your discretion, your deposits can go towards the cost of our party, or you can leave it as a thank you tip after our time together.

How much do your services cost?

Nevada State Law prohibits discussing pricing anywhere outside of my bedroom here at Kit Kat Ranch, but there are a few tips I can give you for guidance. Note that I am a high-end companion who prefers to reserve my time for a few distinguished gentlemen and gentleladies. I have gone out of my way to travel to and work at a safe, legal establishment, and I follow all safety and health protocols including weekly doctor’s visits, all of which benefit you and factor into the cost. However, given all of the above, I also like to do my best to accommodate all clients who feel, as I do, that nothing will compare to our time together. In the end, bring what you feel comfortable spending, whether it’s three, four, or five digits. You can always provide me with a starting budget to keep in mind while we plan your trip out here, and the ranch accepts cash as well as most major credit and debit cards. Of course, if you want to spend a significant amount of time together, or if we are doing a specialty party such as an outdate, over night, two girl, BDSM, or fetish, those will require more funds than a traditional hour girlfriend experience. Personally, I do prefer longer engagements, and I find three to five hours to be best in my opinion. It’s my pleasure to reward the extra time you spend with me with better rates and specials in return!

Can we travel together?

We can travel together anywhere within the borders of Nevada. Crossing state lines is NOT ALLOWED. Between Reno, Tahoe, and Las Vegas, there are plenty of great spots where we can enjoy each others' company. If you're interested in exploring more of Nevada, please email me your ideas and we can figure out the perfect place for us to stay. I have some recommendations as well that I'd love to share with you!

Which hotel do you recommend I stay at?

There are many great accommodations in the Reno/Tahoe area, but if you are looking for something especially convenient to the ranch, the Gold Dust West is only 10 minutes down the road and is an excellent choice. If you request the Bunny Ranch rate when booking, you’ll also get a special rate and free breakfast coupons. Furthermore, if you want additional privacy from the ranches, you can pick me up at the house and we can head back to your place very easily! I do have other favorites as well, feel free to ask.

Do you take credit cards?

Dennis Hof's ranches take Visa and Mastercard. The billing process is very discrete. Of course, we accept cash and debit cards as well! Just make sure that you let your bank know beforehand that you're traveling and everything will go smoothly.

Where are you located?

We are located in Northern Nevada near Reno and Lake Tahoe. This is about a seven hour drive from Las Vegas, or a 90 minute flight.

Which airport do I fly to?

Be sure to fly to Reno-Tahoe International Airport located in Reno, Nevada. With your appointment booked in advance, we can have one of our drivers come pick you up at no charge. The airport itself is about a 30 minute drive away from the ranches.

Do you accept gifts such as candy or flowers?

I love all of those! It's a sweet reminder you thought of me, but don't feel pressured to do so.

Here is my wishlist

Since it has been requested, here is a list of places I love gift cards from! 

We do spilt anything 75 and over with the house :)

REI, Southwest, Delta, American Airlines, Yard House, Starbucks, Chickfila, Whole Foods, Victoria Secret, Apple Store, Michael Kors, Best Buy, Game Stop,  Chipoltle, francescas, altar'd state, 

Can we spend time together again?

Absolutely! The more we get to know each other, the more intense our experiences together will be. I enjoy longer appointments and repeat sessions where we can continually add new ideas and build upon our past experiences.

I want to chat and get to know you!

I get so many emails each day that, in order to provide the time and attention my clients deserve in person, it is necessary for me to reserve email correspondence for those who are serious about our first encounter together or repeat clients who want to plan our next adventure. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about a potential visit, however, if you just want to say “hi,” please keep up with me on Twitter instead at @_hannah_foxx.

I have some other questions you haven’t answered!

Not a problem! Feel free to e-mail me at hannahfoxx@kitkatranch.com and ask me anything you like about myself, my services, or the ranch.

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